Every word has meaning

People need to read each word carefully in the bible instead of picking out words. What Im about to show you is an example of how some read vs understanding how important each word actually is.
Example: even the very elect will be deceived. Mathew 24:24 KJV
People who are reading that and saying Gods elect will be deceived>>>> is very FALSE.
Folks, go back and look at the statement before those words. It says, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE. Those words ( if it were possible) truly means>>>>It was not possible, because it makes that idea hypothetical (unreal). The Lord purposely has his hand on His very elect (chosen ones). Of course the devil will try but Gods people shall NOT be moved. God does NOT LIE. GOD’S HAND IS ON HIS PEOPLE. Please be careful and ask God to help you receive His Word while you read. Dont just look at a few words and assume. Every single word is important and has great meaning. Slow down and take each word seriously. May you be blessed!