Our daily hope lives in the bible

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word of God and the Bible lately. The Bible is our owner’s manual to God that has been provided to us so that we can understand him and our purpose in this life and after. The energy and love of God is contained within the words of the Bible where we can find peace, Joy, happiness and eternal life within the teachings of the Bible. There are so many of us that have a Bible that is just a few feet away from us but never pick it up and read the word of God.
There are good Christians that live a good life and believe but rarely open their Bible and if you ask them why they’re not reading their owners manual to our God our Bible I’m sure there would be wide range of reasons that we would hear on why they’re not reading God’s word, like I can’t remember what I read, so, I can’t remember what I ate last Wednesday but it was still nourishing or but I don’t understand what I’m reading, so I don’t understand why I’m eating but it still sustains me and so it is with the Bible. One thing I never got upset about was when my boys were little and they would come to me their father with their love glowing from their eyes and heart for me and would climb into my arms and fall asleep in the presence of their father.
Our Father in heaven rejoices in our love for him when we hear his word and look into his eyes with a childlike love that is overflowing from our hearts for him and lay in his arms with peace joy and happiness and fall asleep in his presence. We need to always understand what is most important in life and that is to rejoice and love our father in Heaven God as he loves us.
Pastor, Jamie Jackson