A message for our Living Grace Online Church family

I wanted to share some thoughts that I have had over the last couple of weeks on some information that I received a few weeks ago at 3:30 in the morning while I was sleeping. This is a subject that I already have strong beliefs in and that is about people and humanity being judgmental on each other. So I don’t know what else to call it but I download the information from a much higher source and that the ACT of judging people or groups of people or races of people is the root of pain and suffering within people resentment, between those people, the ones that are doing the judging, and the ones that are being judged.
The simple Act of judging someone or entire groups of people create so many problems between individuals or groups of people because within that judgment they are being labeled as being different and not equal to the ones that are doing the judging. This creates friction between friends pain, anger, Wars and separate people which creates division instead of unity. We really don’t have the right to judge someone else or a group of people because when we do that we are saying that we are better than those people. We are the same as those people as in we are all human beings. We are all individuals and different in our own unique ways. The emotions that we have the feelings that we have the way we look the way we act but we are all human beings and we are all creations of God and children of God. We don’t have the right to judge a creation of God no matter how different that person or those people may seem or how they act. Because when we judge a creation of God or a child of God we are judging God himself and God does not make mistakes God knows what he or she is doing and maybe God is neither he or she maybe God is glorious and holy Almighty and there is a greater purpose than what we can understand in having such diversity in races personalities and actions that people take. Are we wiser than God better than God more knowing than God to be able to judge God’s creations this is wrong.
There is a purpose and meaning for every type of person or group of people that is on this earth that is beyond our comprehension and understanding and if we understood that and lived with that in itself and didn’t judge each other this would be a much better and peaceful world to live in. It is human nature for many people to judge and it’s a difficult thing to overcome but if we can understand this and work at over overcoming judgment for all reasons on all people peace and love for all people would overcome this Earth. This was like a two-part message that I received that night at 3:30 in the morning and the second part falls right in line with the first part of this message. The first part being not judging anyone or any groups of people and life on this Earth would be full of peace and love and harmony. The second part was that if people would live their lives by taking a step back and thinking what would Jesus do in this situation, what decision would Jesus make?
When we make a decision after taking a step back for a moment and thinking about what Jesus would do all decisions will be made with love and compassion and would always be the right decision no matter what the decision or question might have been. These two simple ways of living not judging anyone or any groups of people and living our lives with every decision that we make on how Jesus might make that decision every person and every group of people that lived with these morals would be making a huge difference in the ascension of the human race with peace and love for all people and all things. These are some thoughts that I have been deeply thinking about lately and have been wanting to write about to share with everyone that I can.
Peace and love,
Pastor Jamie 🙂

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